Friday, August 13, 2010

rage run

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am regarding my nephew. This weekend my oldest brother is throwing a going away party, because his son #1 will be inducted into the US Navy on Monday. My nephew is entering the same program that my brother did- aviation electronic repair and calibration. My oldest brother focused on electronic counterwarfare gear. Who can say where my nephew will end up?
Today I'll be battling friday traffic all the way from Philly to Boston. Between the parking lot and the highway here in Philly, my departure will coincide with people leaving for the Jersey Shore, plus 100,000 aging hippies are arriving down the street to go see Paul McCartney...something of a gauntlet to warm me up for hitting New York traffic just about Rush hour.
So b it. I'm focusing on the downside I guess, but the upside is pretty damn significant. I get to see my whole family, plus I get an unscheduled weekend ashore with Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife. On Sunday, I have to go to a wedding for someone I don't know. Apparently, some of the folks at my wife's church don't believe that I really exist... what can I say about that? I think I exist.

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...therefore you are.