Thursday, August 19, 2010


Posting has been sparse. I'm wrapping up a research project done in what little spare time we have. Bunkering ops in Philadelphia have picked up slightly- may be a sign, may be a cyclic convergence for the regulars on the milk runs for reefer and containerized goods. Hard to say, and it has been no where near as busy as it was this spring, all the same. Still, I see the end of the summer slowdown, I think.

I went home for a few days, came back to work, and in a little less than a week I'll be heading home again. If all goes well, I'll be heading up to my favorite place in the world, Downeast Maine, for a weekend when I get off of here. Hanging with my old boss, the former chief mate of the mothballed tanker 'New River'

Oh, and my hair is coming back. Both my wife and I are happy about that.YAY, hair! Also, looking at the photo, I'm excited to see that I was able to button the top button of my shirt. I have a size 22 neck, but the rest of me looks good in a tailored size 19 shirt. 4 months ago that button would NOT be buttoned.

I'm trying to find any info on the tanker Anasazi, which was picked up for a song at auction a few months ago... anyone with word, drop me a line!


Anonymous said...

I last saw the Anasazi at the old Charleston Navy Yard in July. Keystone is not going to fix her up they are going to cut her and make a barge as of July where this will take place I have no idea. Just a lot of blood,sweat and tears in the Anasazi/Knight by me and others for the last 20 plus years a true end of an Era.

Paul, Dammit! said...

What a shame. End of an era, indeed. And thanks to the greed of the other Jones Act competitors and the complete lack of spine by MARAD, 400 good people are sucking on the tit when they could have been working.

Anonymous said...

I heard from the grapevine(29 Nov 10) that the Anasazi is being totally scraped. Keystone decided not to make a barge out of her but to scrape the whole ship..but they probably will not make much money off that deal in the States as she is loaded with Asbestos..