Saturday, August 21, 2010

cultural geography lesson

Because it's been a few months, and because you guys ate all your vegetables, here are some photos from Brazil- specifically, from the national women's soccer league, which has, for some reason, become very popular this year.

But, Brazil is not all about football. There are also lonely single women out there, just looking to meet a nice guy.

I guess dating sites show that all cultures share some common ground, although, from what I remember from my college days,this is more likely what we see here in the states on places like

Anyhow, when choosing a mail order bride, whether from New Jersey or Sao Paulo, just remember to use a reputable shipping company. There's no refunds if your new mate shows up dead in the crate.


VMan said...

Yep, looks like I'm a soccer fan now

Anonymous said...

i too have a newfound interest in women's soccer!