Sunday, August 29, 2010

the most important thing I can tell you today.

The ultimate summer drink... take the best part of a mojito and a gin-and-tonic, take away the shitty aspects (mint in your teeth, sweetness that makes your teeth ache), and add a splash of sexy. This drink tastes like summer, and in winter, it tastes like a picture of the tropics looks, if that makes any sense. And thus, I present,

Innapropriately Hot foreign Wife's Caiperinha (pronounced 'kai-per een yah'

1 pint glass or a martini mixer
sugar (fine, granulated, it doesn't matter)
Cachaca (pronounced 'ka sha sa', available at any decent liquor store, especially in MA, FL, NJ and NY). Cachaca is a finely-distilled rum-like spirit made from cane sugar. Bad cachaca tastes like good tequila. Good cachaca tastes like sexy time. Expect to pay $20-30 for a good bottle.

1) Rinse and slice your lime. Throw the slices in the pint glass.
2) crush the living hell out of the slices with a pestle, potato masher, or whatever you've got. I mean it, you want to beat the balls off this lime if you can. Add 2 generous heaping tablespoons of the sugar and grind the mix up a little with the pestle or what have you.
3) add enough cachaca to make the pint glass 60-70% full.
4) add ice, just enough to make the mix ice cold.
5) fill the glass to 90% with water.
6) stir or mix up. Serves two, or one, if you're not driving.
WARNING: your capacity aside, one full glass of Caiperinha is enough to put a 200 lb man close to the legal limit for driving.

7). Beware. This is the reason why Brazil stops and takes a week to party before every Easter, and why the maternity ward is full 9 months later.

You're welcome. You're about to try the best mixed drink you've ever tried.

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