Thursday, August 26, 2010

OK now, bye-bye then (for now)

Ugh. So, I was relieved at work about 12 hours early, which was full of awesomeness. I drive home on Tuesday/Wednesday during the overnight, then slept in my own bed for 5 awesome hours. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I had 12 hours of wedded bliss, when I get the phone call and was asked to go down to the Gulf of Mexico to fill in for someone.

My thinking is this: Oh. Hell. No.

I hate the Gulf. If I owned real estate in the Gulf and in hell, I'd rent out the Gulf place, and live in hell.

Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife was the pragmatic one. Awful as it is, 2 weeks of extra work isn't something to be sneered at while the economy is what it is.
So here I am, laptop just chimed and told me that it's 5am, and I'm at the airport in Boston. Ugh.

UPDATE: less than 2 minutes before I was about to get on my plane, the dispatcher calls and says "never mind." Change of plans. I am now on a ferry, heading back home. Right. Long morning. Damn. I'm very happy to be staying, though my head is not in the game yet.

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tugsri said...

I Listened to the Man being airlifted off the "53"(?) outside Mobile Bay and we were wondering if he is ok...I know they were discussing Hospitals in the Area and which one he was going to.

And trust me, You are missing NOTHING with that BP/Gulf Debacle-You are better off with the River Work! At least you are Busy!