Saturday, December 19, 2015

youtube famous

Blogging has been light lately. I had a crown put on a tooth the day before last crew change, and the underlying tooth (a molar) got infected, apparently. I've been trying to muscle through it, but it's made me summat grumpy. Going to get antibiotics later today, so I can get the tooth pulled or a root canal when I get home in a couple of weeks.

     It's not the tooth that's killing me, it's the sweet, sweet rifle I wanted to buy with the money that will now be going towards being able to eat my damn salad in peace. Grrr.


 When people talk about the Millenial generation being a sucking hole of shame, taken as a whole, it's an indictment of the parenting skills of my generation, the 40-something Perpetual Children, the generation that appropriated entertainment media like comic books and cartoons from their audience (kids)  and avidly consume both as a significant form of entertainment.

 So, if I'm throwing stones, there's plenty of fucking targets, but look at this article, and God forgive me for sending traffic to the assbags who put it up.

            The Special Snowflake generation likes to produce and watch Youtube videos and follow people more interesting than themselves on Instagram. Mostly women and effeminate men, mind you, but there's a lot of them. See the thing on finger-pointing at parents, above.
Pictured: harsh truth. 

Apparently, being "youtube famous" is a thing. And these millennial children, again, mostly single girls, are saddened and disturbed by the fact that people who watch their shit won't pay them for their shit.
      Look, I'm not saying that I've never watched a youtube video on my phone while sitting on the toilet, but let's be honest, that's what youtube mostly is for. If someone wants to be an attention whore, of course, that's their business. Me, I prefer real whores. More interesting people, and fun to drink with. Plus, they actually have a job, and produce something of value.

 ... and that's what these dumb folks don't get. TV stars don't get paid just because they act. They get paid because advertisers will pay to shill their shit for the 1/3 of the time when the ads are on, and not the show. But let's face it, I'm willing to sit through 10 minutes of bullshit to watch 20 minutes of Sofia Vergara on TV, yes. But I've yet to find a desire inside myself to watch an uninteresting dumpy 22-year old upper-middle class lesbian with bad skin  and granny glasses talk about herself to a camera.
    But maybe that's just me. I find it similar enough to the idea of a bird preening, and I choose not to indulge some lonely sad person's public attempts to make money via emotional masturbation. I mean, I'm not above enjoying writing my own thoughts here, but I'm under no illusions. I'm not expecting the world to pay me for throwing shit at the wall like a monkey, which, at the end of the day, is pretty much what these instagram and youtube personalities are doing.



Anonymous said...

I don't have TV anymore. Gave it up years ago as a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

if it happens on the boat the company pays for your illness. dental work included

Paul, Dammit! said...

I sympathize, Exile81. But TV is easier to use to watch Sofia Vergara.

As for the dental, it's not the price today- it's the infection that will take a week to go away before they can do much for it. The payout comes when I go home if I choose to save the tooth. Thus my run for medication.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if its an option for you but back when I was working remote fly in oil sites wayyyyyy up north, I discussed it with my family doctor and she gave me a prescriptions for the antibiotics for food poisoning, another for general antibiotics, one for prescription burn cream and pain meds and one for breaking up small kidnwy stones. All those plus the rather large stash of over the counter stuff meant I was covered for just about anything that came up. We used to work 20 days in and 10 out. If you needed out it had better be life or death, otherwise you where waiting till the next 10 day flight day or someone had to take you in a truck on forestry roads 5 hours or 3ish hours through the woods/ muskeg by 6x6 argo.

Even the fact i kept cold meds and muscle relaxents in my room was better than the site medic.


Will said...

Upper or lower molar?
I had an upper that cracked, and wasn't salvageable. Discovered that the roots extended into my sinus cavity. Had sinus infections on that side of my face multiple times per year, for many, many years. That stopped after the tooth was removed. They say it's not common for the roots to extend that far. Doctors and dentists never thought to check. Not easy to see with x-rays. A sneeze two days afterwards verified it, by blowing the blood plug out of the socket.