Saturday, December 19, 2015

Last trainee ever

My company doesn't send trainees to us anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Last september I had a trainee for 2 days. We broke him. We were on stand by to inspect something on top of a contactor tower... 140 feet up.

So we are sitting in the office trailer waiting for them to call us once the crane has finished swinging a load over our work area.

The call comes and the two techs and me grab our gear cases and head out the door. This is when the apprentice decides he has to go take a leak and put on his boots.

We tell him to meet us at the tower and leave. So we go to the operations shack to pull the permit to go up the tower and use our gear in a hazordous area ( class 1 div 2 gear).
The operator takes 20 minutes to do the paperwork then escorts us to the tower. One tech and me start the climb. Rest platform every 30 feet of ladder, one person per ladder segment. We get to the top and tie off the rope to the railing and lower the other end to the tech on the ground and he ties off the 1st of 4 cases and we haul it up. 2 of us pull the 50lb load with no winch or anything since those sorts of things are not allowed in this area.

Finally we get the fourth load up and the trainee shows up. So the 2nd tech starts his climb and when he is on the 2nd ladder the trainee starts his.

We had all the gear unpacked, set up and running by the time the 2nd tech got top side. It took us 45 minutes to do the test and just as we finished a very out of breath and sweeting heavily 24 year old trainee made it to the top deck and we told him to start down again.

He didn't come back the next night.