Friday, August 26, 2011

screw your contingency plans

So the Captain of the Port moved up the deadline for maritime operations in NY harbor by 1 hours. This means that I've been running around like a madman closing and dogging cargo hatches and access ports as the shipyard workers finish douching out each of our cargo tanks. I have 3 1/2 hours to finish making the deck ready for sea. Very do-able, but unpleasant work, helping the graveyard shift guys coil and stow oil-stained hoses, vacuum lines, Wilden Pumps, air compressor hoses, etc. We scored a sweet spot to ride out the weather, though I'll have a ringside seat to watch my truck go underwater if the surge beats the predictions. Not cool.
Anyhow, either way, by the end of this watch, I'll be done with this phase of operations. Next step is to ride out the hurricane, then back to work on Monday to reconfigure the deck for clean oil service. I'm already looking forward to Tuesday night, when I'll shift to my regular home away from home.

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