Saturday, August 27, 2011

brushie brushie

Part of my ritual when we're not pumping cargo is a morning (or evening) walk, an hour-long loop around and around the perimeter of my deck. This gives me a chance to eyeball everything, ponder the ponderables, and dig the logopoeia, I suppose, as I'm also usually listening to my mp3 player. Anyhow, this morning's walk was done in some stank-ass weather. It's not raining yet here on NY harbor, but the air is thick and warm, and FAC (Flat-Ass-Calm), with a very pregnant sky and a distinct lack of birds or other signs of life. With the hurricane some hours away, I, of course, came up with an updated to-do list in preparation, which included moving my precious supply of diet pepsi indoors lest something untoward happen, which would require me to lay about all and sundry with a fire ax (I loves me some diet pepsi). While doing so, I noticed that the shipyard workers who were aboard these past few days got into my outdoor grub locker, where I keep my sodas and dead hookers. Fuckers laid waste on my soda supply, but, thankfully, I have enough to get through the rest of my tour here.
Anyhow, I'll be outside again in a few minutes to help with the lashing and securing and yelling and pointing. I came inside to cool off, as between an hour of walking in a big rectangle and doing pushups against a nonskid deck, I'm sweaty and my hands feel hamburgered. I don't care how tough your skin is, a fat person doing 100+ pushups over the course of an hour is going to have sore hands, I suppose.
Anyhow, other than an hour or so of final bits and bobs, all we have to do is secure the hatch to the house and we're ready for Irene, that bitch.
My wife called me at midnight to express her concern regarding my well-being tonight, which was nice. As I mentioned yesterday, she's never seen a hurricane. I explained to her that it was no worse than a winter storm, just longer in duration, and with the wet ground some trees are sure to fall. The nearest tree being far beyond shouting distance here at the dock in Red Hook, I feel pretty safe. My kid's freaked out, which is too bad. My parents practically had to tie me down to keep me from running outside during hurricanes at his age.


Weer'd Beard said...

I blame the news hype. Its all bullshit, and in these days bullshit makes ad dollars.

Be safe.

no matter the hype, a big blow is no fun, and causes interesting things to happen.

diarrheaBot said...

Damn dude. She just finished up where I am and the only thing that happened is there are more leaves in the street than usual. Lame. I'm taking my weather forecasts from Paul from here on out.

Hope your truck is ok. What you driving?