Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never forget

Sorry, I've been at home, and went all-in in trying to get shit under control that needed getting under control. In the meanwhile, This:

Also in the news: the very first Hurricane EVAH may (but may not) hit the northeast. The media is showing footage of people loading up at the grocery store for Hurricane Katrina. Since no one is loading up on groceries for anything anywhere right now, except maybe Miami, which gets hit by hurricanes weekly (and twice on Thursdays), the Scare Factory is ramping up to full Chicken Little levels.

Granted, it's been 20 years since New England had hurricane-force win... oh, wait, New England gets winds equal to Category I hurricanes once or twice a year during the winter, so... yeah. Not impressed. I remember an even half-dozen hurricanes in my yoot, and though damaging and scary, somehow we lived on. So I just turned my TV off.


Weer'd Beard said...

Yeah I don't give a shit so long as I'm not steaming through it.

Given that I don't ship out anymore I'll just be wearing my rain coat, and maybe take the window fans out for the weekend.

Tho the deathly growl of wind is not a fear easily lost, there may be some sleep lost, but little else.

Paul, Dammit! said...

I understand. My recent trip to Brazil was complete with a room on the ocean- the sound of breakers made me jump up a half-dozen times on the first night.