Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new, shiny, nice smelling.

Couple of things.

1). New!!! After over a year of not updating my blogroll, I have updated for you my list of what's good on the web besides pictures of a wet and partially clad Salma Hayak.

b). Nautical Log Captain Peter D. Boucher, retired master mariner draws from years of experience serving as a watch officer and later, master of ships. An Irish transplant living here in the US, I'm sure Capt. Peter has to listen to tourists from Boston tell him exactly where in Ireland their parents come from. It's the Bostonian-of-Irish-descent national pastime.

Also, Capt. Peter reminds us, as mariners, to be mindful and remember to tell others of the suffering of the 800+ hostages being tortured and imprisoned by Somali pirates, so that maybe some of the d-bags with the ability to do something will do something.

# Thrice

Wasting time with Mike & Ari deep mining the web for the best/worst of everything, and this despite a deep (and righteous) fear of Cher's naughty bits.

(audi) Quatro
The Feral Irishman fellow-traveler and fellow enthusuiast of guns, breasteses, and poking holes in popular figures' egos. Also, my #1 suspect in where the hell all my good sci-fi books went, 'cus my mother totally says she didn't throw them out.

FIVE! (is right out)
Bore-Head007- now loathed by the corruptocrats in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, Bore-Head is a champion of the pressured and rapidly disappearing small family-owned commercial fishing business. Along with several other brave professional and para-professional reporters, men like these have exposed to Congress a viper's nest of corruption in our nation's largest scientific organization.

Knuckledraggin' My Life Away- definitely semi-nsfw! Wirecutter's got a great mix of all the things you should be looking at, including jokes, boobs, jokes about boobs, and American history.

hi mom
Mental Poo- midgetmanofsteel may well be a soon-to-be-famous humor writer, like a dirty Dave Barry. Awesomeness ensues.

Please remember the 800 of our fellow seafarers held captive by pirates both ashore and off the coast of Somalia. Also the coast of West Africa which is suffering attacks, many of which go unreported because of concern for increasing marine insurance rates. It seems shipowners are interested only in their profits and not human lives.


Irish said...

THANKS for the shoutout :)

TheLordThyGod said...

Being an emotional cripple, I'm forced to express my gratitude through movie quotes:

"And when we've crushed these people enough, I'll send you, Feyd.
Lovely Feyd.
Where's my doctor!?!"