Tuesday, March 16, 2010

up at the crack of 9am

No, I actually woke up at a reasonable 7am today, to the pleasant sound of no rain or wind lashing against my bedroom windows. Silence being a tad unusual, it actually woke me up, I think.

My home range is sodden. We had record rainfall, supposedly (I don't think it was that bad south of Boston. I actually remember it being worse in the Perfect Storm... at least I didn't see anyone's boats float off their trailer in back yards and driveways this time). Anyhow, my mother's house is something of a disaster, so my vacation time ends in about 30 minutes, when I head out the door to start overseeing the pump-out of the basement and arrival of the dumpster and such that is going to preceed the removal of at least 2-3 tons of wet ruined knicknacks down there.

I'm pretty sure that I contributed a wetsuit and maybe some diving boots to that mess, although I'm pretty sure that they'll come through some wet weather pretty well. Just a hunch.

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