Wednesday, March 3, 2010

no arguments!

I just got to use a wonderful quote from

For those of you not in the know, Shit My Dad Says is a project started by ad adult male who lives with his cantankerous, elderly father. It has since taken wing, and is full of crude and often witty hyperbole-disguised-as-homespun wisdom. My favorite kind.

Anyhow, I posted a quote on another forum that is credited to Jay Leno, where he lists all the natural disasters and calamities of the past year, then asks the crowd if anyone else feels like it was a bad time to debate taking the words "under God" out of the American Pledge of Allegiance.

It was supposed to be funny, but of course, got hijacked by atheists. So be it.

Anyhow, rather than being an adult and fomenting debate, I shut that door with gusto, and put in a great little quote from shitmydadsays. "Yeah, Democracy is wonderful... until it fucks you."

And there's the rub. Our admittedly-close-to-mob-rule form of government is just fine, but when people don't agree with the law of the land, it's viewed as injustice, or tyranny, when personal views run contrary to the collective will of the citizenry. Whether it's atheists, gun-control nuts, abortion enthusiasts, whatever, I find that people with liberal agendas get all pissy when they're on the shit end of the stick, while conservatives seem to be more dignified, if self-righteous. I can't stand some of the laws that exist here in the US, but by God, (so to speak), when my view runs contrary, I don't cry conspiracy.

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bigsoxfan said...

Fair point. Arguements aren't won through beating each other with equally sized sticks, but with finding the thin, yet sharp weapon which reaches through the armor to pierce the heart or brain.
I read an article in the LA times today (op-ed) on the non greeness of nuclear power. The piece was correct on evaluating the problems of the past, but provided zero visibilty over the bow. Useless read, unless you think coal can be harvested cleanly or liquid/gas fossil fuels will last forever. Christ almighty, are we doomed?