Sunday, March 28, 2010

Once upon a bunker barge...

My barge is about the same length and width as this reefer ship. These fast little ships are designed to carry fresh fruit from the tropics to the US and Europe. You can see me passing a fueling hose to this ship. In this case, I transferred 1,080 tons of oil to the ship, about 300,000 gallons, or about 20 days' worth of fuel.
...and you thought it hurts to fill the tank on your car! Imagine that fuel bill.

porn for paint huffers, but in actuality, I'm trying to get the last couple of barrels of oil out of the tank without sucking air into my pipelines. You can't believe the stink of the fuel oil that ships burn! It's like matches, feet, and a homeless person's underwear were thrown into a dumpster fire.

The hospital ship "Comfort" seen in the background, shortly before sailing in response to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti. In the foreground, you can see that someone forgot to dog down the hatch to my generator house on the left. On the right is the bow of a VERY large tugboat. This, in conjunction with us loading 'down to the marks' (i.e, to the maximum we can) led to this odd shot. Usually the tug has to put a ladder UP for the crew to step aboard my deck.


will said...

b'more! cool photos. what was the name of the tug?

Paul, Dammit! said...

That was the Chesapeake.