Tuesday, March 9, 2010

last job...

yours truly, 6 months and 20 pounds ago.

Always happens. The last job gets screwed up. 30 minutes from topping off a modestly sized load of oil, the refiner calls and says they accidentally injected a slug of oil slurry into my cargo, and I have to pump it all back.

OK, so's I swing the valves that allows me ter switch-out, like, from load ter discharge, fires up me' prime movers, and start pushing oil at 100PSI back to the shore tanks. I pump cargo 'like a mad bastid' as we says at home.

And then I wait. And wait. Hopefully not too much longer, as there's a thirsty ship waiting, and my relief will be here tonight after that, so's I can go home and maybe say good morning to the Mrs. tomorrow.
The last job's always a bitch.

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will said...

every profession has a version of this last minute snafu crap. enjoyed it.