Saturday, July 11, 2009

where the flavor is

Self-unloading bulk carrier- close up of the gantry.

Today I return to maritime-themed blogging after taking a break to deal with the Bank of America issue.

In the pictures below, you'll see some stuff. And things happened. Just look. You'll see. Nothing too exciting today, because 1) I just got woken up, and 2) because my camera is only listed as intrinsically safe under certain conditions... there are certain places where I can take pictures, and places where I can't.

Not that most people would, but this is for anyone wondering how ships are fueled. Here, MGO (diesel) is pumped aboard. Diesel is used for starting the main engine and a few other odds and ends aboard. Most of the time, the main engine runs on heavy fuel oil, a black tarry oil.

Meeting people from all over the world is what this job is all about. 25% of the world's seafarers are from the Philippines. They are often a friendly, warm bunch of people, and when more than two of them stand together, it is unusual not to hear laughter at some point.

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