Thursday, July 9, 2009

busy day

So, in between skimming the algae out of our drinking water tank, organizing the paint locker and, oh, yeah, delivering a cool million dollars' worth of oil today, I also did some pot-stirring regarding the Bank of Unmerica problem.

So far, my state senator's office has called me back (and promised to 'make phone calls if I so desire' (I said wait till Friday)), AAA has called back and said that they think that my story is an excellent cautionary tale for travel-planning tips for their fall "AAA Horizons newsletter," and has been an invaluable ally.

You know what I like the most about these groups? Even though I'm not one of their biggest customers, THEY ALL CALLED ME BACK! Unlike my bank, who apparently are all too busy picking their nose and foisting 'service fees' on struggling families to call back, say, one customer whose family got completely boned by their shameful version of customer service reps.
That is all. For now.


knitalot3 said...

Wow. Just amazing. I'm sorry doesn't say enough. I hope your family gets righted soon.

doubletrouble said...

You GO girl!

Errr.. you know what I mean...

wv: "ching"- really, as in "cha-ching".

Unknown said...

Im glad that consumerist got in touch with you, I sent them a link to your site. I hope things are working out.