Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I see you!

According to my stats widget, someone from Bank Of America has visited me! I don't know who (damn vague widget), but there it is. I has arrived. I hope that my frustrated ramblings have separated me from the tides of humanity who probably call and complain that there isn't enough parking in the lot.

Anyhow, in case my visitor comes back, here's something for them to look at. The people involved.

This is my wife and son. These are the people you've left in harm's way, 5,215 miles from where they should be. This is why I keep calling, day after day. If you were responsible for these two, you'd do the same.

Now, thanks to Bank Of America's less-than-stellar customer support staff, what should have been a 15- minute inconvenience has turned into a 3 week trial across two continents. So, to my friendly visitor, I'm asking you to please take at look at their faces, and think of your own families. If your spouse and child were taken out of arm's reach, and your precious and VERY limited time together was lost forever, how would you react?

Better days. See? This is how it's supposed to be.

My wife's gonna kill me if she finds out I posted a picture of her without her makeup on. Shhh.


Flintlock Tom said...
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Flintlock Tom said...

Where's your e-mail address, I want to send you some money.
I am a father of 4 and when I was in dire straights and needed help, other people came to my assistance. I would like to pass it along.

Anonymous said...

I wish I looked half as good as your wife does without makeup! I don't look near that good with makeup. Beautiful family.

Firehand said...

For what it's worth, linked through MArooned; maybe a little publicity can get their attention.

There's just no damn excuse for A: screwing it up in the first place and B: making it so damn hard to fix.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Tom, thank you very, very much, but I'm ok. I'm not being overly proud; we're just barely ok, but it's enough, barring anything unforeseen.

Brian said...

Paul, I'm the person who visited from Bank of America. I'm a temp in a part of the company very far removed from the part that is involved in your horrific situation. I found your blog on a friend's blogroll (I don't remember whose), and I was intrigued first of all by your posts about your maritime career. My attention was then caught by your B of A posts, and I was horrified by the lack of compassion you encountered. I hope the issue gets resolved and you are reunited quickly with your family.