Sunday, July 19, 2009

old school

1- Tug Chesapeake, hanging on.

When we were in a modest chop crossing the entrance to Chesapeake Bay, this tub looked and felt every day of her 38 years. Do all single-skin tank vessels feel so wobbly? This is the only one I've ever been on. Aside from having a very visible flex in a seaway, she had a really odd heave to her, as well. The energy from the waves of motion traveling from bow to stern as she flexed felt very disconcerting... it felt just like it sounds- like we were standing on a waterbed, and someone was jumping up and down on the far side.
Double-hull tank vessels, for all their obvious shortcomings (impossible-to-maintain void spaces, brittle rigidity, etc.), at least feel sort of solid, or solid enough, anyhow. If I'm going to get thrown off my feet, so be it, but I don't want to get launched straight in the air like a watermelon seed between two wet fingers.

2) The galley. Very old school.
3) This is as close to being tan as I get. Dull red.

Short tow.

This is where I am living for this two-week hitch. On the left side is the quarters, where three of us reside. On the right is the generator room/laundry. It's not as noisy as you might think.

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