Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Is anyone else disturbed and disgusted with all the hiney-licking going on in the vicinity of a famous dead pedophile's casket? Honestly, the body should be sold to science (or science fiction!), and the proceeds used to pay down the medical bills of the kids that he molested.

Only proves one thing; if you're a celebrity, the law does not apply. You can murder or touch kids all you want.

Anyways, It's not nice to speak ill of the dead, so I'm going to think of something positive about Michael Jackson. He's friggin' dead, and I'm positive that for children, the world is a safer place without him.

I'm taking a 30 second break from reality to ask a philosophical question.

Anyone can buy a remarkable volume and diversity of fresh fruit at any grocery store. So, the deck watch on a fruit boat (a ship with refrigerated holds) throws down an ice-covered whole pineapple to me, by way of a thank you for the fuel oil I loaded on him today in the hot sun... and I feel like the guy just handed me a $100 dollar bill. Why does a $1 pineapple that came out of broken stowage become so valuable?

I have my answer. Anyone else care to venture?


doubletrouble said...

You've been at sea for 43 days & are dying of the sailor's scourge, scurvy?

Anonymous said...

Just the show of appreciation and the acknowledgement of your hard work.

knitalot3 said...

I think "ice-covered" might be a big clue. And he said thank you.