Friday, April 1, 2022

Tasty Tasty Seed Corn

 Well this is just stupid. 

     The .gov is releasing 1 million bbls of oil a day from the strategic oil reserve, to help contain gas prices. 

    Meanwhile the .gov canceled the majority of planned oil lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and on federal land this week too.  Drive down the cost of gas for 2 weeks, then drive it up for 3 years. 


1 comment:

leaperman said...

The Govt and big megacorps priotitize corn. Why>
Money. Fuck feeding the world.
We could actually feed the whole planet and make a profit but why do that? In scarcity they can make a much bigger one.
Think about that.
In a place where the govt is chopping down fruit and nut trees and PAYING THEM TO DO IT we also have an ag dept that now prioritize BLACK farmers...
What a fucking joke.