Monday, April 11, 2022

 On finishing the last cargo discharge for the weekend, we headed for the pier at the company HQ, which allowed me to go get groceries. I went to my usual go-to, which is relatively accessible for a guy who relies on a car service to get around NY. 

 3 packs of romaine lettuce, 2 gals of vinegar, a bulk pack of boneless chicken breasts, a 4lb sirloin cap (picanha), diet soda, a case of water, vegetables, eggs, bacon, some spices, dish soap and  some 1lb blocks of cheese. 

$224. New York prices +inflation= ouch. 

    The store I go to has me conflicted. Now, fat as I am, I don't eat processed food, rice or pasta. I'm into cooking my own real food. And I'm pretty good in the kitchen.  Problem being, protein is expensive, and also, greenstuff is too now. Worse, in NY, by the time you get fresh vegetables into your hands, they're 3 days from going bad. It's not unusual for me to buy lettuce and find that it's gone bad the next day, being a slimy brown mess.  I have a couple of 2gal square plastic containers, and so I can get 2 Romaine heads in each, and soak them in cold water in the fridge for a few hours, and they'll rehydrate and stay fresh for 7-9 days. I tend to pickle onions so they'll last for weeks rather than days... and that's fine. 

 $224 bucks, though, is easily double what it was last year. Sadly, my company-provided food allowance hasn't kept up. The guys who buy absolute trash and live on hot dogs and Hot Pockets are doing ok financially with the spike in prices, though. 

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