Friday, November 5, 2021

Weekend update

 Well, my last weekend aboard for this tour is coming up. We have 2 small cargoes fixed for the weekend, which will keep us busy. We spent the last 2 days lying to at a lay berth near Brooklyn Bridge park, which was wonderful, in terms of being able to do maintenance and get some needed stores, and I could walk every day, and not in circles around the perimeter of the deck for once, which was nice. I'm eating healthy these days, with my blood pressure higher than a junkie holding a 50lb crack rock, it's been good motivation. I've made it to my late 40's without needing any daily medication, and while I do have to take BP meds now, I hope that weight loss and a good clean diet will  enable me to get off the meds. 

      So, one bummer of a thing to see is how badly NY's vaccine passport has screwed restaurants. Takeout places are booming, and shops that built outdoor seating areas on adjacent parking metered spots on the sides of streets are also pretty full of shivering patrons. When I walk by places with indoor dining, it's not so good. Shops are required to verify a potential patron's vaccine passport before allowing them in. 

   The whole 'papers, please' thing tastes like copper in my mouth. And while this isn't an issue for me, as I am eating clean and my favorite salad place is take-out only, I feel bad for the residents. OTOH, most of them could leave if they want, I suppose.  I sure am glad I live in Florida. I'd be the subject of ridicule if I said that in public up here, though. 

        With no orders, I've been up at night standing my watch, and it's been peaceful. I really need a new book series to read, though. I'm not really a TV person, and Farcry 6,  the video game I was so excited to play, has proven to be utterly disappointing. I loved the predecessors. 

      I heard that the new federal vaccine mandate put a Jan 4 date on when companies like mine will have to enforce employee vaccination. Knowing this is unworkable, I wonder if this executive order was designed to be a white elephant for optics' sake. 



Tsgt Joe said...

Have you read any John Ringo? He has several good series. I'm not asking your vaccination state but, will your employer be able to service ships if they enforce the mandate?

Paul, Dammit! said...

I'm a big fan of Ringo's work. His books are perfect for fly-out and fly-in days for crew changes.

As for what my company can or will do, I couldn't say and also wouldn't say. I'm sure than someone in the office has read my posts, and I got insulted and punished pretty hard (but in a funny way) by the CEO of the last company I worked for, years ago, for airing laundry in public... And I work for a company that has a point-of-pride in being very supportive of families, so I can't see them walking into payroll with a sharp knife and a clean conscience without having exhausted all other possibilities. I put a lot of faith in them by leaving my union gig years ago after being lured away, and still haven't regretted doing so.