Tuesday, November 2, 2021

The last day, but a week of nights to go

 Well, today is my last watch working days. I'll go off watch tonight for an abbreviated sleep period, and my next watch will be dogged too, to get me into the schedule of working nights without messing me up too much, and without foregoing sleep. 

 So, one week to go, and I'll be up and moving about at 2am on watch tomorrow... well, later on, really. 

 Working night watch has many disadvantages but there are a couple of advantages, too. The main one is that I don't have to deal with the shoreside staff much at all, as they've got the sense to not work nights. It's generally quieter in most ways, although we tend for some reason to load more at night rather than in the day, but that's OK, too. It's more pleasant to load the HQ than it is to discharge. No screaming diesel pumps, no traffic, even the VHF radio is quieter. People speak in quieter voices. 

 A mixed bag. But the best part is that it means that I have only a week to go on here before I can go see my family. 

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