Saturday, November 14, 2020

work begins

 I've been on board the New HQ 3.0 now for a few days. I'm settling in. My partners out here had been plinking away at our master list of things to make living conditions more comfortable out here, my shoreside manager has approved these little comforts, and it's become a happier place to live for sure. Everyone gets along, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. 

    Business has picked up, too. The pre-Christmas rush has begun, and ship traffic has been increasing month by month. I expect this year will be a moderate Christmas for many, but I'm happy for my coworkers and I that there is work to be had.

 The world's going mad in the meanwhile. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife took so much abuse by her native family for wearing a MAGA shirt (having grown up in a country that went from a military dictatorship to a socialist shithole and back out again, and is currently backsliding, she's awfully fond of her adopted country as a place of sanity) that she took a break from social media. Me, I'm in. I've chosen my camp, too, even if I don't go on and on about it, but it's still more important to me to put politics dead last in my hierarchy of needs. 

        So holy shit it was warm when I got up north, and now it's damn cold for me. The difference between the weather some 1200 miles of latitude is startling. 

        Covidmania continues apace. I live in a place where we mostly ignore it, and live our lives. Masks are worn indoors, still, and that is what it is.  I come to NY and it's fear and madness, so rather than embrace the suck, I avoid it, and stay aboard. 

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