Sunday, November 8, 2020

Eta Porra!

 'Eta Porra' is a Brazilian Portuguese expression that doesn't translate well but is quite versatile. I sometimes here Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife mutter it when something goes wrong or when I say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Directly translated, it means 'that is semen' which doesn't work, but the real meaning is something like 'that is some messy bullshit.' 

  There are other unladylike colloquialisms that get said here and that which also make me laugh. Saco translates to 'ballsack' and is an expression of frustration. Also, again, making me laugh. 

 I said all these things when I had an incident in my shop the other day. About 15 hours in to a series of laminations, shaping and jointing some VERY expensive hardwoods, it was time to make some sweeping curved cuts with my cheap bandsaw. And at the tail end of the 40 minutes of shaping, I realized that the bandsaw blade was wandering all over the place, ruining every bit of the work I did. 

 It's the height of stupidity to trust about $200 worth of wood to a $300 bandsaw. 

    Do I really want to buy a $1500 bandsaw?  Yes. And no. I'm deeply torn. 

 Anyways, the project that was going to make me proud of what I did on my time off is so much trash now. I'll be headed back to work in a few days, so I only have time for one more little project. We're currently getting pummeled by feeder bands from tropical storm Eta here in Margaritaville, so there is time for one more good shop day. 

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Swamp Dog said...

I’m with you on that. I bought my first ever (budget) bandsaw. I’ve used it enough to discover the usefulness of a band saw, but also the limitations of the one I have. Soon I will replace it with a deluxe model after I save enough pennies!