Sunday, November 29, 2020

The rewards of Being Mean

 So some time last week I got a 30 day Fecesbook ban for being mean. And by being mean, I called someone low-class. A real pearl-clutcher, I guess. 

     You know, it's actually been pretty nice not having to devote any of my energy towards all that noise. I'm not an end-of-days enthusiast, but the whole 'wars and rumors of wars' thing seems pretty accurate. Truth and logic go out the window. I like both those things, and I'm a believer in choosing sides, perhaps because I have too much faith in myself and my ability to judge fairly and harshly. But whatever, it's been pretty nice not having to put up with all the bullshit and all the ridiculously awful opinions of idiots who lack the self-awareness to be ashamed of the things they say. 

           So... yeah, it's been good to have an extra 20-30 minutes a day to do things I enjoy, rather than get pissed off at everything. 

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