Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good:  I made it home Wednesday night. Late for Christmas by a day, but home anyhow.

 The Bad: I picked up a nasty bug before crew change. I had a sore throat and high fever when I flew home.

 The Ugly: The girl next to me on the plane was very rude. She was loud, elbowed the shit out of me and hogged the entirety of the armrest, despite riding bitch as a middle-seater who got a standby ticket.

 The Happy Ending: Through judicious use of Dayquil, Irish Whisky and Alleve, I masked my symptoms, but spent 3 hours breathing directly on her as much as possible. There is absolutely NO chance she wasn't exposed to whatever plague I'm semisuccessfully fighting off.

 Currently I'm no longer feverish, but just congested. It sucks, but hell with it, I'm home. Good enough.


commoncents said...

Leftists Gone Wild - Xhale City Vape Shop employee has epic meltdown over Trump Shirt

ps. would you consider adding CC to your blogroll?

Bob said...

A little inflight justice. Well done!

Heath J said...

Well played, you magnificent bastard. Hope she gets that shit and has a bad time.

A belated Merry Christmas to you, glad you made it home alright.