Thursday, December 13, 2018


Well, F me with a broken broomstick.

       Someone else's unfortunate bad luck just killed my Christmas. And that of my family.

            I haven't been home for Christmas in a few years. This was supposed to be my year. Unfortunately, Christmas falls the day before my crew change this year, which means I'll miss it.

 So, a friend was going to come in early, on the 24th, so I could go home. His kids are all grown up. An unfortunate circumstance, he came back early, and is already here working, so basically I'm fucked. I am going to miss Christmas... again. Given my schedule, if I make no life changes, I'll go 6 years between being home for Christmas.

 I'm... not willing to do that. It's too late this year. I changed my flight last night, and that $700 for a frigging one-way ticket HURT. I've been home for a grand total of THREE Christmases since I joined this company 10 years ago.

 I am happy to be working, drawing a salary. I am feeling  a bit sorry for myself today. The ass-chewing I got when I told my wife was well-deserved.


leaperman said...


You're the breadwinner. What you do is a necessary job and it pays well, from what I hear.
Jobs like yours almost always stiff the person doing it. There isn't enough people like you doing it.
Sorry about your misfortune.

Ed Bahten
aka leaperman

Heath J said...

Commiserations man.

BTDT man. Know what USMC stands for? U Suckers Miss Christmas.

And in your case, you get all the aggravation without any of the accolades.


Merry Christmas dude. Wish I could UberEats chow out to yer boat.