Sunday, December 16, 2018

Someone's gonna pay

   The penalty for tool theft is to have a knuckle drilled out with a 1/4" drill bit.

 But this is aggravated tool theft. Someone must die.


leaperman said...

is your coworker fucking with you?

Unknown said...

I am also a Hawsepiper so I feel your pain. I have really enjoyed your articles. I would like to add this gem to your collection. The company that I was employed by (Who had made the news by responsibility for the largest Oil Spill in LA Harbor History) was undergoing a major shit-storm recruiting drive by one of the maritime Labor unions. There was a lot of nasty stuff going on. Quite often, I was forced to do a hot-jump which involved relieving my opposite number with the engines still turning. I hated to do those because it gave me no opportunity to do the engine checks which were part of my ritual. At first opportunity I would shut the engines down and do them while tied to my delivery. Things had gotten so bad that company officers were ordering us to do things which were at best Questionable, Fucking dangerous or Illegal to all was the worst. On the day in question, I had relieved my opposite and on boarding noticed that the Port engine was not sounding happy. When I saw the Engine Temp Gauge I was horrified to see it Pegged! I mean, not just in the red Zone but Pegged against the stop!!! I had never seen an engine that hot continue to turn. I maneuvered over to where I would not be in the way and lifted the engine hatch. The engine was so hot that it's paint was buckling and it looked like it was glowing. I thought I would do more damage by simply shutting it down so I placed it in Neutral to keep at least Some cooling water circulating through it. a little wind and 8 Seconds on the Hurricane Seat of a Rodeo Bull is more relaxing.... T