Thursday, December 20, 2018

Inspiration Wanted

If you've noticed, I'm not posting much. I'm not feeling it. It's been a tough and busy few weeks and not a lot to be cheery about. Eh, it happens. I'm not someone who likes spending a lot of time in a brown study, so I've been reading and doing little things to just keep myself buoyed up. Call it the blahs. Everything's fine, just nothing to be excited about and not much to enjoy. I'll be home next week, anyhow. Things should pick up just fine then.


Rob said...

What was your day like yesterday? What did you eat, what did you do? A day in the life of a tankerman on the water off NYC just before Christmas in 2018!

jon spencer said...

Write when you want and what you want and post when you want, we are not paying you.
We are enjoying the "free ice cream".