Friday, July 29, 2016


I agreed to help out a friend and cover for him for 5 days while he went home to take care of some things in the middle of his tour... and then, after buying the necessities and coming aboard, discovered that no, I had agreed to stay 12 days, an entire extra week. I'm familiar with the charter that his barge is on, so that helps a lot, especially as the charterer is notoriously cranky.

 This is what happens when you are absent-minded and don't use your calendar.

  Anyhow, the problem isn't that I've only brought 5 days' worth of food and laundry... it's the caffeine supply. Even with rationing, I've got 8 days worth of caffeine.

 Obviously I'm stressed. Socially acceptable addictions aside, I'm already dealing with a big change in plans. If I can't get my fix,  Ima get all emotional.

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