Saturday, July 16, 2016

Stand down day

It's been a hell of a week. In the larger world, terrorism, a failed coup. CNN focused on a piece about Mark Zuckerburg's jogging stats in the meanwhile, which is why you only see CNN in airports.

        Learning about Turkey's military secularism protections has been interesting. You should check it out.

   Here at the HQ, we're standing down for the day. We're ideally located, as much as someone who hates New York can be ideally located, in Brooklyn where it's not too congested and the nearest hipsters and trust fund douchebags are a 15 minute walk away.

 G-Ray has transferred 5 years worth of stuff to his car,  and is winding down his tenure here as right-hand man. His replacement dropped off a couple of bins of stuff here this morning, in preparation for moving on board next week. We got to talk a little bit about expectations, idiosyncrasies, etc, all the little stuff that is so important when strange grown men live and work at arms' reach from each other in a little box for months at a time.
      Really, I dwell on it, but I'll be spending as much time with this man as I do with my wife and son. It's a strain to do so with a stranger or someone you don't like, so one of the things that I look for is a person who is personable, can do the job and has the potential to become a friend. While that last part isn't a requirement, it sure makes life easier.


Anonymous said...

I was/am disappointed that the coup failed but I got to noodling about it.

Let me pitch you a curve ball to roll around in your bucket. Giving the serious shit storm Turkey's President Turdagin is raging in knocking out his perceived threats all the way from legislators to Judges, which he couldn't do wholesale before the coup and, the way he was so easily able to simply fly into the airport which was supposedly closed and held by coup planners, travel his ass to his palace while the whole city was on lock-down. Something doesn't pass the smell test.

Bottom line, I think he and his fellow muzzies orchestrated this whole thing so he could freely crack down on his perceived enemies.

Of course, what do I know?

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking the same thing.