Thursday, July 7, 2016


The heat got to me yesterday morning- I'm not sure why, but I overheated just 20-30 minutes after starting my watch.
     I get VERY irritable before I get dizzy, as heat issues progress. I flipped my shit over something extremely trivial, immediately picked up on what was happening, and went inside and stuck my head under a faucet with the cold water running. The cold was a shock, and wonderful.

 Out of curiosity, I stuck my hand near the drain- the water was coming off my head pretty warm.

       Watch yourselves, everyone!


Anonymous said...

You've brought up your anger issues multiple times. Would you happen to be a manic depressive?

Unknown said...

Paul, I have been working inside a home I have been building for several years..on the second floor, the actual temp at midday is 113(f) and with a relative humidity (of what little air that moves through) at 45% giving me a heat index of about 160 degrees. Maybe I would have made a pretty good tankerman huh?

Paul, Dammit! said...

Anonymous- no, I'm not, thank God. Just have little tolerance for laziness, ill manners or half-assed work. I present myself as somewhat goofy on here, and I do like to have fun at work, but get serious very quickly when I see people phoning their work in. I get paid to do a job, so do they. If anyone can't do their job well, they shouldn't be there and their replacement should be a phone call away.

Paul, Dammit! said...

John, God bless you, I don't think I could do that. At those temperatures, you'd make a good marine engineer!

STxAR said...

I just about lost it one night in San Antonio. I was swapping radio frequencies in the old Syntor XX series. Pull the power pack, open it up, swap the eeprom, button up, install, test.... on about 65 old, dirty, hot trucks that had been delivering freight all day.

About 0300, I started to go dizzy. Turned on the fans, and just about fell out. Realized the issue, took an hour break in the a/c and downed cool water to offset the heat.

My wife's dad worked the kids one summer until everyone of the 7 passed out. She can't handle any heat now. She starts shutting down quick. So quick, that if I don't catch on, she'll flop over in the dirt. One good dose of heat stroke has lasting effects.

Be very aware, and don't go white eye on us!!

Will said...

Twenty years ago, 4 day gun school in SoCal during a record heat wave, two of us had a problem. The woman was taken to hospital, and I ended up sitting in the A/C for a couple hours, drinking a couple 2L bottles of fluids. Took me a couple days after class ended to fully recover.

Culprit was a decongestant I was taking for allergies.

When we broke for lunch, I hit the porta-potty and heaved my guts, wobbled out and got maybe 10 ft before planting my butt. They really wanted to ship me off to hospital.

After rejoining the class later that day, they had a man against man shootoff. 28, well, 27 by then, students involved. My buddy told me later that he could see me fading away during it. Took 2nd place, but that required my participation for the whole thing. Really wiped that night. Dragging badly the rest of the class. Makes me wonder if I should have gone to the hospital after all.