Saturday, November 7, 2015

dead time

Son of a bitch, I had something.

       I got online to write, and for some reason, my browser wasn't working, so I jumped onto firefox, and since I don't use it much anymore, it pointed to Yahoo, which used to be my homepage. Well, I wasn't logged in, so the default news feed, you know where it has the basic headlines for 'news' as they call it- well, 4 out of the 5 headlines involved that idiotic hollywood family, you know, the karwhoosits, whatever the fuck you call them, the Armenian women with the shemale father.

 80 % of yahoo's headlines were for a family of socialites. Fuck me with a traffic cone, we're in trouble.

 Shit is fucked. up.  Canada can't ship us their oil because our President is an asshole, and so it most of congress, but fuck it, Iran can send us every gallon and we'll pretend they're not doing exactly what they're doing, which is bringing about the end of a golden era of relative global peace. But God forbid those damn Canadians make a dollar pumping their oil to US suppliers. Our President likes to bend over and spread his cheeks for those who hate us and wish us harm, but allies and friends can go fuck themselves.

 I don't know. This wasn't what I planned on posting tonight, but there it is. My plans got all messed up. Can't we ship those fucking women to Turkey or something? Our good friends in Turkey, you know that nation that got away with genocide?  They wipe out millions upon millions of innocent people, and leave that one fucking family intact.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Canada and we just elected our own village idiot to be prime minister. A man has said that the best way to beat ISIS is by giving them warm coats.

It doesn't matter that obama killed keystone because turdeau (our new pm) will kill any new oil sands development and also because two big obama supporters now own All the oil rail tankers. The US will still get Canadian oil you'll just be paying a shipping premium to buffett and soros.