Friday, November 13, 2015

differences aside

They stood by us when no one else would. Maybe they had their reasons, but they spilled the blood of their sons in our name.

     We gave the very best of our Greatest Generation that they might be free, and each year, forgetting politics and statesmanship, they give thanks for our sacrifice.
    You can't always choose your brothers, but you goddamn well better stand by them.


Bob said...

They gave us the greatest gift it is possible to give - - a free country - - and I don't know if it will ever be possible for us to repay that debt, 2 world wars notwithstanding.

Rob said...

Well said!

Captain Jill said...

I hope France gives some HELL of a payback!
I would even be happy (for once) to spend some of our tax dollars on THAT action (unlike every other one we've been involved in for the last 50+ years!)

The Old Man said...

I fear the CIC will not authorize use of force above what is being used, but will pony up resettlement cash for "refujihadis" in this country.