Saturday, November 14, 2015

to understand the nonviolent Islamic majority

 With the radical Amish militant Mohammedans having shed a whole lot of innocent blood in Paris last night, my ears are ringing from all the cries from the rest of Islam decrying ISIS' actions.

 Oh, wait, my sarcasm key is broken.

   We ain't heard shit from the rest of the Islamic world. Is that an artifact of selective reporting, or just a matter of horror being thin on the ground just now on the streets of Mecca?

          I'm not enough of a subject matter expert to bother sharing my thoughts on reprisal. I just hope there is one, and that it's more than the usual Kabuki show and the odd assassination via Predator drone.

   No, I want to share what I believe may be going on inside the head of non-ISIS members, say the quiet, unassimilated  and peaceful muslims who just seem to be increasing in numbers all the time here in the US.
 Bear with me, as I'm going on a tangent here.

 If you go by polls, depending on who you reference, anywhere between 35 and 65% of all Muslims in the US believe that some form of Sharia law should be introduced in the US. Let's get that out there as background.

 Now, as a young man, I was sympathetic to the IRA and their cause. I grew up in the suburbs of Boston. I wasn't enthusiastic enough to contribute or provide material support, but having grown up around people who dealt with the Orangemen first hand, and being able to read the news, I thought it reasonable to protest with violence when people couldn't hold office or vote without facing violence in their own country. Terrorism to fight slavery? Well, so long as I didn't have to get blood on MY hands, I was OK with that, even knowing that innocent Brits were being killed. I viewed with benign passive interest, as a terrible shame, the acts of desperate men who wished only to govern themselves. All of us looky-loos in Boston breathed a sigh of relief when England capitulated and allowed Home Rule, and the IRA gave up violence.

   ... and that's where I see mainstream Islam fitting in.  So long as their hands aren't actually dripping blood, I don't think most Mohammedans are losing a lot of sleep over what happened in Paris. "It's a damn shame" and maybe some head-shaking, and hey, what's for dinner?

   Only ISIS isn't looking for the right to vote. They're looking for a Caliphate, for Sharia law to be the law of the land... the law for all lands. And we already know that the muslim population is actually pretty cool with that in the US, for the most part. And hey, a little spilled blood? Damn shame, but hey, it wasn't me doing the killing, and what's for dinner?

 I'll admit that I'm curious about France's response. For all that the EU has been shrilly screaming Kumbaya for the past generation, there's no doubt in my head that they'll go from zero- to -get in the ovens faster than an American can say Howdy, once the anger reaches critical mass. I don't see them getting there just yet, but it's on the horizon now, I'd guess. Without the cultural emphasis on the right of individual self-determination that America still sort of has, Europeans have a greater desire for safety in numbers while defining goodthink, so when the goodthink opinion gets behind committing atrocity or violence, there is absolution to be found in weight of numbers. It's not a sin when everyone's involved, to the European mind... and I can't help but wonder when the day will come when another crusade will be announced as a result.


lahosken said...

"We ain't heard shit from the rest of the Islamic world."

Did you try five seconds of Googling? Here ya go

Captain Jill said...

I'm pretty sure if it were up to me, at this point, I would either find a way to wall them all up in the middle east and FORCE them to live in the 6th century like they SAY they want (no guns, no bombs, no modern medicine, no cars, no planes, no air conditioning, no refridgeration, etc) and let them kill each other off like they've been trying to for thousands of years. And NO, not one of them would ever be let out in the civilized world ever again!
Just drop a nuke on them and get it over with!

Paul, Dammit! said...

Jill- to me, the problem is who to bomb? There are still a rapidly shrinking number of Christians in the middle east, quietly paying jizya and getting martyred all the time, but they're out there. The West has a long and storied history of bombing civilian targets as reprisal, but as a rule I don't think it's good to bomb fence-sitters, as they'll certainly choose sides after.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Larry- that link referenced me, which was odd. But I did as you suggested. The platitudes certainly sounded familiar. I heard them in Boston all the time in the early 90's after a bomb would go off in the UK. As I wrote, I can name this sort of tune from experience. Sorry, sorta.

Possibly bias, on my part.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Anonymous, I deleted your comment, like always, because fuck you. 's my house.

I'm trying to figure out if that was put-down or not. Who tries to goof on someone for pursuing an education? Too bad they don't offer one in sucking d*ck for EBT credit. You could finally use your God-given talent, as handed down directly from your mom.