Monday, November 16, 2015

Safer to be quiet

I made a dumb decision a litle while ago.

 We're alongside a PCTC today (a Pure Car/Truck Carrier), similar to this one below.
This is how your Japanese car gets to the US

 This one today is old and rotten, very obviously not well cared for. Unsuprisingly, it's crewed by Mohammadans, who, to be fair, don't have  a reputation for sterling attention to details like maintenance or, you know, working much.

 Anyhow, like so many of their co-religionists who sail,  the crew on today's customer are slow, lazy, unprofessional and unintelligent. I went from agitated, to frustrated, to furious, and now, thankfully, to Zen.  Fuck them, I'm going home tomorrow. I hope.

 I say I hope because in my furious phase, I used some choice words to describe their unprofessional, unhygienic and infuriating laziness this morning.
     Well, long story short, without being verbally abusive to any  singled out individual or saying anything truly bigoted, racist or provocative (at least out loud), I suddenly realized that I could be just a few more vulgar observations from having one of these dirty, deeply stupid individuals decide to go allahu snackbar and stuff his life jacket full of exploding tickets to his 72 virgins.
  Honestly, that random, deeply unlikely thought threw me off my harangue game, and I ended my rant with a pretty lame "You damn shoemakers need some fucking soap and some smarts. Un-Pro-Fessional."

 Not my best work. I pride myself on being able to dress down those who deserve it in a manner tailored to both my mood and their class or lack thereof. 


JayNola said...

At least you're only pushing #6 and MDO, it's tough to get that stuff energetic.

JayNola said...
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Captain Jill said...

I always admired my stepmothers ability to tell you off in extremely creative ways. Sometimes I would have to go get a dictionary to figure out exactly what she meant.

Your guys probably wouldn't understand a word of it, and if they bothered to get a dictionary you would be long gone by the time they managed to look up the insults.

I wish I was half as good myself. ;-)

B said...

SO they won, by intimidation. THe fear that one of them might go suicidal.

They won.

Not judging here, I might have done the same as you.