Thursday, March 19, 2015


Dashing off a quick post while my wife is out running an errand.

 I made it home yesterday, had dinner outside on the patio, listening to the fish jump in my pond, the crickets singing, and the two little frogs that live under the north and south retaining walls of my patio. They live 30 feet apart, but never meet, and call back and forth all night.

 Anyhow, time to brag. When I got home, there was beer in the fridge, ribs and rice n' beans and a salad on the table, and outside by the pond, a bottle of champagne in the ice bucket and cuban cigar, fresh from the wife's trip to Nassau last week.

 If I can get my local Burger King to, say, dodecatuple their manager's salary, I could stay home and do this stuff more often.

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