Wednesday, March 25, 2015

back at it

Well, I'm not yet into a routine here at the ol' 'HQ, but I'm getting there.

    Last week was great. I enjoyed my time at home immensely. In terms of productivity, not much happened. I started an herb garden, tended my orchids, drank the proceeds from my first limes grown from my own tree (mixed with Cachaca, Brazilian rum, of course), and basically hunkered down and spent as much time with my wife and kid as possible. I've spent so much of my time at work and not with my loved ones that I'm pretty run down from it- 'fragile' as my wife says. So, rather than run around and be the morale officer in my house, I took a step back and just enjoyed not doing too much.

   Not doing too much is surprisingly expensive. Worth it, though.

 Anyhow, I just wasn't there yet in terms of getting my shit together to go back to work, but I went back anyhow. I only got 5 1/2 days at home, which is not enough to undo the damage when it takes a full 3 days before I can sit in a chair for more than 5 minutes.

 Relaxing has never been my thing.

 But, rather than cry about it, I'm back at work, earning my keep and saving towards a longer time home four weeks from now. Regardless of what it does to my plan to stockpile mad cash this year, I'm taking the time I need to take time, if you know what I mean. Understanding that, it's helping me settle in more here.

 Busy schedule here at the HQ, anyhow. We're still moving oil more or less nonstop. So it goes. I'm OK with it, as I get paid to do this shit, anyhow.


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