Thursday, September 4, 2014

Those a-hole Von Trapp douchbags are at it again

Someone needs to tell this story.

 I posted an entry a while back about how the Von Trapp family, the folks who were able to have their story Disney-ized and cleaned up some to become "The Sound Of Music."  Remember that movie? Yeah, me neither, but I did hear about it.
    Well, the jackboots didn't fall too far from the tree. The Von Trapps own Vega Shipping, a company which made the news in the maritime community for getting away with extortion, attempted kidnapping and generally taking horrible advantage of people who were just the right shade of brown to not make the international news for having been hard done by.

So, yeah, the Von Trapps' company successfully did to some Filipinos what the Nazis wanted to see done to their family. 

 Nice fucking people.

 Well, the assholes are at it again. After getting busted for doing the SAME FUCKING THING in Australia, the Aussies had the balls to actually do something, even if it's something minor.

 Fuck the Von Trapps. I hope to hell they all get cancer.

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Randy said...

Don't hold back , tell us what you really feel about the Von Tramps er Trapp's.