Friday, September 5, 2014

New stuff! Shiny!

It's been too long, but I finally cleaned up my little blogroll, deleting the inactive ones and putting some new ones in... so if it's in your interest, and it is, check out the following:

3 boxes of BS      Bob S. is one of those guys with the enviable ability to say more in 3 sentences than I can manage in half a page. We seem to share many of the same interests.

Bayou Renaissance Man  Peter Grant is a legit Rennaissance man: A former prison chaplain and missionary, ex- South African Army, and author of several excellent books ranging from his experiences at work to his two series of sci-fi novels, and now he's a US citizen and Southerner to boot. Much to his credit, unlike me, he didn't sell his beloved truck when he moved to the south.

The People's Cube- imagine what American politics looks like to a former Soviet Agitprop artist. Now check this out. This is also home to the bestselling People's Cube, a toy for the kind of parents who actually like Participation trophies for their kids who excel at being their kids and not much else. This place has more snark than you'll know what to do with. Nothing and no one is spared.

Manu's scripts- I've linked here before. Manu is a ship's captain from India, and writes with critical detail on the faults and foibles of maritime life, the state of affairs with India's most important export (trained maritime officers), and the challenges of a life at sea. This is the place I go to for political analysis of international maritime issues. I don't always agree with his views, but his analytics are flawless.

 Boatworks Today- ever wonder why boats are so damn expensive? Andy Miller is a boatbuilder and also handles repairs up on the Great Lakes. His instructional videos on cosmetic repairs and restoration work are first-rate, and really show you the artistry and detail required, but also shows practical methods for amateur boatowners to fix their own damn boats.

Ted's Holdover- A great place to learn about sharpshooting and hunting, and his narration really entertains whether he's explaining dry details on methods or a post-shot analysis of a perfect headshot in a stiff wind. 

 There's more coming, but that's enough for now. 


Anonymous said...

I think you have the wrong link for Boatworks Today. It also goes to Manu's blog.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Fixed. Thanks!