Thursday, October 4, 2012

tug life

We're running around with scissors this week at HAWSEPIPER's afloat global HQ/ironmongery.  The big ass radiator on one of our brand-new pump engines sprung a leak, causing quite a fuss, seeing as the diesel hasn't even been on board long enough to need its' first oil change. So, that's ungood. Then a generator dies, and parts are nowhere to be found in the places we infest here in NY. Double ungood. Then the clothes dryer dies, but hey, after a week of heavy rain, the weather finally brok... oh, never mind, it's raining again today, so now our galley smells like a hamster cage. Double Plus ungood.

      But, as I mentioned on FacePage this morning, I'm still happy to be working, and we're working hard. Our little breakdowns haven't necessitated coming out of service, and we've been nonstop here for almost a month now with cargo flying in and out of our hot little hands. I'm absolutely looking forward to the end of cruise ship season, when our too-big-to-be-comfy hull has to raft alongside these white cattle boats to give them fuel. Today marks the start of my last week aboard before I'll be relieved for 2 weeks, but, sadly, I'm not heading home just yet. I'll be harbor whoring for an extra week around town, filling in for missing warm bodies.
 In the meanwhile, feel free to enjoy this lovely beach scene with Sophia Vergara from TV's 'Modern Family'

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