Sunday, October 28, 2012

hunkered down

So we're in a hurricane berth, wedged between a couple of Army Corps of Engineers dredge ships, and there are 20 (!) dock lines out securing us to a dock that will probably be underwater in about 6 hours, but even so, we're in a nice protected spot up in Pt. Elizabeth NJ, which is good, because that bitch storm Sandy is about to rain on us directly overhead tomorrow.

 With a 6-11 foot storm surge predicted and 2 days of sustained storm-force or better winds, my psychic alter-ego, Nostradumbass, predicts a busy time tending lines and trying to keep us in the water and not on top of the dock or floating into the warehouses across the quay.

 Also, it occurs to me that my truck is sitting in Red Hook NY, which has been evacuated for fear of extensive flooding. My truck is in a lovely parking lot with a water view, only 6 feet or so above the high tide line.


Borepatch said...

God speed, Paul. I hope the next thing we hear is "nothing to report."

HT said...

Good luck Capt!

Irish said...

Good luck Paul, I hope you are able to stay safe and secure where you are. Please try and keep the reports coming in.

Ari said...

If it was 2003 I would say as long as its a Hi-Lux/Tacoma you'll be fine. Wish you and the truck luck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Brings back some not so pleasant memories of hurricanes Francis and Jeane several years ago. More than a dozen lines on an older 31' Tiara. Water got over the dock but the boat made it. I think it was more luck than seamanship on my part but lost quite a few other boats in the same marina. It was ugly.