Monday, October 1, 2012

bathroom privacy and marriage?

Do any of you married or formerly married men out there notice that nothing is sacred when it comes to women in the bathroom? On returning to work, having at some point retrieved my ditty bag from the master bathroom, I'll be searching for ditties tylenol or something, only to discover that my wife fished my little bottle out of the ditty bag rather than running up to CVS one day while I was home. I get that- she's in a hurry, needs something quick, and then forgets to put it back in my bag. No big deal at all. Until it is. At any rate, it was getting out of hand. Luckily, I busted her yet again while I was at home, before she forgot to repack the item below.

Seriously? She has like, 40 of those asian pick thingys for exactly this reason. The 10 foot walk from the bathroom to her bureau must have been too daunting. 

 This happens with hair stuff, skin stuff, toothpaste, you name it. In addition, she'll think nothing of walking in to ask me a question while I'm sitting in the bathtub- not that I care, to be honest, but having been married for a few years now, I should be used to it.

 So, this last time I was home, I busted her rooting through my bag, and made her return what she had borrowed.

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Anonymous said...

If you wanted privacy and the ability to keep people out of your stuff, you wouldn't have gotten married.