Monday, October 29, 2012

Not much of a calm before the storm (updated!)

Winds are getting a little more lusty and a lot more gusty while I was off watch. I slept like a baby, though (And what does that mean? You woke up wet and crying a few times, and at some point you shit yourself?).

         Storm surge for this high tide seems to be about the same as the last one. So far so good. The news is too repetitive to watch. A bunch of folks on a bunch of beaches asking each other what the weather is. Here's the weather: It's wet, it's windy. Back to you at the studio, Linda.

         Maybe they're false memories at this point, but I remember the hurricanes when I was a kid as coming with an eerie yellow sky the day of, before the wind started, and all the neighborhood dogs getting weird. No dogs out here- but the damn tide is high, for sure, and it's been blowing hard for about 24 hours now, so I guess this is the weather we'll be having until the wind starts to moan and whistle through the antennas up on the overhead.

Edit: it's about 0900 now. In the last 30 minutes the wind has seriously ramped up, and the damn tide is still rising. 6 inches more and the dock we're moored alongside will be under water. 

1300: Winds are gusty but holding, and the tide dropped. Next high tide around 0000 is the troublemaker for us- predicted surge is trending closer to the high estimate of 11 feet, which will put much of the shoreline under water. 

1430: That blast of wind you ordered has now arrived. Our mooring lines sang out when it hit. That's a disturbing sound... a sort of high-pitched squeal followed by staccato booms as the line pulls tight across the steel cleats. Feeling very glad that I have a shit-ton of lines out and my very own assist tugboat standing by.



thebookladi said...

I'm usually a lurker but wanted to rear my head and let you know we are praying for all of your safety. Telling you to "stay safe" is pretty dumb because in order to do that you would have to head inland a bit and not be on the water. Keep posting to let us know you're ok.

c said...

i love this photo. Good luck...!!!