Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Deep thoughts on sociosexual stereotyping

For every woman out there that complains that men are superficial sexist pigs who only value stereotypical model-thin perfect female bodies, I say these two things.

 1). Christina Hendricks

2). Enjoy your cats.

 For more >size 6 goodness of the lovely Ms. Hendricks, Go here and see what inspired me.


Anonymous said...

"men who only value stereotypical model-thin perfect female bodies"

Given the pictures you've posted of your all-American wife, I don't think you fit into that category.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Nope. I like women who look like women, smell nice, and have less body hair than I do. That knocks out about 75% of American women.

Going into Boston used to be a pleasure when I was a kid. Now, the hairy-legged bahstids with festively braided armpit hair are out there.

Have you gone to a beach here lately? Either they're all trying to smuggle Chewbacca in their bikini bottoms, or hair diapers are coming into fashion.