Sunday, September 9, 2012

checking in

Blogger's latest 'new look,' the third of the year, is by far the most obnoxious to navigate. The promises of a 'more streamlined and easier blogging experience?' it took me 5 solid minutes how to get to the point where I could write this. F Blogger. Right in the ear.

 I'm home, and while that's good enough reason to be too damn busy to blog, we're prepping for Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife's citizenship ceremony and celebration... and house-hunting, as well.  On Thursday we made an offer on an amazing house in the woods here in our current town- a pearl amongst the swine, for sure, but ultimately missed it by about 2 hours. This sent yours truly into a downward spiral that lasted a day or two.


To celebrate the forthcoming swearing-in ceremony, my wife went with me to hang out with friends at an actual American bar, which she has never really done before in the 7 years we've known each other.

 Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I actually met at the lady on the right's wedding. She had caught the bouquet, and I beat half to death plucked the garter out of a friend's hand. And then stole the pretty foreign girl away from a very irate boyfriend and the rest was history. (EDIT: in the initial post, I reversed this- I said we met at the lady on the left's wedding... which would be interesting, considering that's my wife!)

 Several of my friends are apparently vampires. No matter what angle we shot pictures from, they wouldn't take. Ironic, considering that author Kevin Glennon took these pictures.

 Coming into the home stretch of this vacation already, I still have to look at some more houses, get my wife naturalized, and do some celebrating.

 Oh, reminds me. Mickey Finn's apple-infused Irish Whisky: this is not a good sipping whisky. It's more for hand-to-hand-combat and washing the taste of hemlock out of the mouth. With notes of  antifreeze and apple-scented lysol, I recommend it for removing paint from car parts and giving to people who deserve horrible headaches 15 minutes after drinking.


Anonymous said...

There will always be other houses on the market. Just wait, something will turn up for the two (actually three, isn't it) of you.

B said...

So which one is yer wife?

Paul, Dammit! said...

The Brazilian one, Mr. B!