Thursday, July 29, 2010

has anyone else noticed?

...that despite screams and whining to the contrary, fuel economies for cars have gotten worse rather than better?

I remember my sister's compact car when she first got out of the navy. 40 mpg. That was 20 years ago. My little compact car, bought for grad school 10 years ago, a Dodge Neon, was comfortable enough, reliable as hell, and had plenty of storage room... 41 mpg.
Today's compact cars get less than 35.


Boat Tinker said...

Yup, I have noticed. Its crazy that my brothers civic get close to 45 mpg, and the prius get around 35. Even crazier as the civic cost about 4500, and I bet the prius cost way more than that.

Randy said...

own a VW Golf TDi , upper 40s-low 50s fuel milage[ town-highway ] . Yes its a diesel rather fun to drive. But I get pissed when compareing that fuel mileage to my Chevy 4 banger Colorado - 22 mpg , tops. geeze.Which needless to say is used only if needed on weekends.

HalfEmpty said...

Yep, it started when Hondas and Toyotas went from economy cars to as-heavy-as-an-Impala.