Wednesday, July 28, 2010

back to work...

After my first actual week's vacation as an adult, and 13 years after the last time I took more than 4 consecutive days off for non-work purposes, I'm feeling pretty good. I stumbled onto a pretty good maritime-related issue that I'm fleshing out for submission to a paper forum, and I left home long before the sun was up, ready to return to my little hot metal box for 4 weeks of inquisition.
Before I get underway, I'd like to point out a new glaring character flaw that I've discovered in myself. We had an arab family move in next door to me at the Ant Farm while I was underway with the fam on vacation, and last night, they were being particularly loud until about 11pm. Now, I've only had 3 nights at home since I came back from our trip, and all three nights were busy. Last night, I was hoping for a 4-hour nap before driving the 6 hours down to Philly. I got about an hour, I guess.

I wanted to go say something, but I felt like if I did, the angry looking father figure would send his youngest son over to blow himself up in my kitchen. I mean, the guy looks and sounds angry whenever he's outside.

I'm intimidated. I'll admit it. The problem is, my discomfort will turn to rage before it turns to determination to create meaningful dialogue. I don't like finding weakness or aversion to negativity in myself.

I figure I'll just send him a nice Oscar Meyer gift basket with "Shut the hell up, you rude, stinky prick" written in glitter.

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